Maxiswitch Pro Contactor 8 way 26A

Heavy duty GE contactor switching, ensuring long service life and reliable high amperage switching.
Quality IMO relay switching for lower amperage applications.
Professional Grasslin panel mount timers that ensure accurate time keeping and switching in fifteen minute segments. These timers are easy to program and can be set up in seconds.
Rubberised moulded BSI approved plugs designed to be hardwearing and break proof.
Heavy duty cables, hard wearing and over rated.
Hanging bracket with keyhole slots for easy wall mounting.
Switchable sockets for easy appliance isolation.
26A (6kW) of contactor switching.
requires two plug sockets.
On/off operation.
2 year guarantee.

This contactor will run - 8 x 250w, 8 x 400w, 8 x 600w, 4 x 1000w.

GENERAL RUNNING CURRENTS - 250W=1.25A, 400W=2.13A, 600W=2.89A, 1000W=5.00A.

Disclaimer: Prices onlne may differ from those instore