Vitalink Coir Classic Growth 1l

VitaLink Coir was developed with a leading UK
university to contain everything your plants need
for a successful, healthy life cycle when growing in
coir. Unlike many other coir nutrients on the market,
VitaLink Coir is based on a unique ratio of phosphite/
phosphate and comes in a separate growth and
bloom formulation, meaning no mixing of nutrients is
required. VitaLink Coir is really simple to use.
• Developed specifically for the unique properties
of coco coir media and contains a key level of all
Scientific tests prove that VitaLink Coir nutrients contain
a key level of all the elements your plants need for best
possible growth and yield when growing in coco coir
media. It is essential to use a specific coco coir nutrient
when using coco coir growing media. This is because
coco coir growing media releases potassium during your
plant’s growing cycle. VitaLink Coir nutrient takes this
into account to give you the best possible plant growth
and yield.
• A unique ‘growth’ and ‘bloom’ formulation that
means no mixing of nutrients.
Unlike other nutrients on the market, VitaLink Coir is a
separate ‘growth’ and ‘bloom’ formulation that means
that no mixing of nutrients is required. This is because
scientific tests prove that for the best possible results
plants require more nitrogen during the growth cycle
and more phosphorus in flowering. VitaLink Coir growth
and bloom contains the optimum level of nitrogen and
phosphorus for superior growth and flowering. This
nutrient comes in one bottle and so it is easy-to-use.
• An exclusive phosphite/phosphate formulation for
fast growth and large yield.
One of the ingredients in VitaLink Coir is phosphite,
which is a superior form of phosphorus, essential for
successful plant development. Phosphite is absorbed
much more easily than phosphate because it is made up
of three oxygen atoms, whereas phosphate is made up of
four. VitaLink Coir contains both of these in a ratio that is
scientifically proven to boost growth and yield.
• Reduces pH fluctuations by containing a binding
The compound used to combine the different elements
in VitaLink Coir improves the pH stability of the nutrient
solution once in your tank. This means less pH adjusting
for you, which gives you simpler growing with less
maintenance and great plant results, which is why
VitaLink Coir is so popular with new growers.
• Maximises plant results by having hard/soft water
and ‘growth/bloom’ formulations available.
VitaLink Coir is a one-part ‘growth’ and ‘bloom’ nutrient
to ensure you get the best possible plant results at each
growth stage. Developed with the UK grower in mind,
both ‘growth’ and ‘bloom’ are available in hard and soft
water varieties to complement the water you are growing
with. This can only further maximise the results you
get from your growing because your plants receive an
optimum level of all elements.

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