T5 Replacement Tube 24w 6500k Blue

Osram T5 Replacement Tube 24w 6500k 549mm
Product benefits
Ideal for cost-effective creative illumination and decoration
Uniform distribution of light over the entire length of the lamp
Suitable for color mixes, including with white light (2,700…6,500 K)

Product features
High color saturation of red, green and blue
Average life time: up to 24,000 h (with QUICKTRONIC ECG)

Versatile QUICKTRONIC ECGs from OSRAM: pure quality and energy efficiency
With QUICKTRONIC OSRAM has paved the way for the future of fluorescent technology. Electronic control gear (ECG) offer the latest technology and reliability for lighting systems with high levels of lighting comfort, economy and operational stability. The QUICKTRONIC range has the right device for any application. QUICKTRONIC ECGs are highly compatible with the entire spectrum of fluorescent lamp types and wattages.
Because of the physics of gas discharge, fluorescent lamps cannot be operated directly on ac line voltage. The current would increase unchecked after ignition and the lamp would explode after only a very short time. Conventional control gear has traditionally been used to limit the current. The QUICKTRONIC ECG from OSRAM replaces this conventional control gear and brings with it many benefits.

Top benefits of QUICKTRONIC ECGs
Up to 50% lower power draw compared with operating lamps with conventional magnetic control gear (CCG)
More than 50% longer lamp life compared with operating with CCGs or low-loss gear (LLG) thanks to reduced stress on the lamp
Lower maintenance costs
Frequent switching with no loss of performance

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