Flo-Gro 510 Complete

The Flo-gro produces much bigger harvests than plants grown in traditional pots, but is just as simple to use.

The timer triggers a pump to push nutrient solution up to a dripper ring which drips the solution over the clay pebbles in the planter. Whatever the plant doesn't take-up drains back into the tank, pulling fresh oxygen down to the roots which encourages growth.

Bigger yields – Plants produce superb yields in a Flo Gro because they have much better access to oxygen than is possible in a pot and they are able to take up more water and nutrients than hand watered pots, because they are fed little and often.

Healthy rootzone even for long-term plants - With hand-watering the air pockets in soil and coco become filled with water - restricting root access to oxygen. But the Flo Gro maintains high levels of oxygen around the roots at all times. This means plants can be grown for longer so you get more yield from fewer plants.

Match feed frequency to the needs of the plant - Provide the perfect conditions for a plant throughout its lifecycle by altering the frequency and duration of feeds.

Why are yields bigger when using a Flo Gro?
The secret of the huge yields is that the Flo Gro is a super-oxygenated pot and plants with better access to oxygen produce bigger yields.

Oxygen and Pots
When a plant is hand watered the water fills the air spaces between the soil particles and this prevents the roots from accessing oxygen. It’s only as the media dries out that more oxygen becomes available to the roots. The key is to water little and often, but this means lots of work to keep on top of watering.

Oxygen and the Flo Gro
In a Flo Gro the access to oxygen is superb because the roots receive fresh oxygen-rich air every time the unused solution drains through the pebbles into the tank.

Fast-draining - The speed at which the solution drains through the pebbles is critical in pulling oxygen into the root area, the Flo Gro has been designed to ensure the drainage is at the optimum speed.

Clay pebbles - Clay pebbles are used in a Flo Gro instead of soil, or coco because the regular timed feeding means we don't want or need the growing medium to retain much water. This is important because clay pebbles allow much more air around the roots than any other growing medium.

Surface area - The shape and size of the Flo Gro exposes a large amount of the clay pebbles to the air so that even more oxygen is present in the rootzone.

The ideal environment for long term plants.
No other pot provides better access to oxygen.

Golden Rule: Use clay pebbles. The Flo-Gro system was designed to be used with a free draining, inert medium. If growers wish to use soil or coco, offer them a Wilma or Ebb & Flood system.

• When plants first go into the system set 3x 15minute feeds per day.

• As plants grow, increase number of feeds up to a maximum of 6x 15 minute feeds per day.

• If growing a plant full cycle, leave the pump on during lights on periods when flowering. This will maximise yields.

Dimentions: L 102.5cm x W 52cm x H 30cm for 4-10 Plants.
Recommended Tent Size: 1.2m x 1.2m

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